KAMS Connection

In order to diversify international exchanges and cooperative projects in the field of performance art, and to enhance the ability of international exchange experts, KAMS put KAMS Connection in place in 2010, a program that supports Korean and overseas experts in the areas of performing arts to conduct research and run its related collaborative projects, based on cooperation with foreign counterparts. The research visit programs for international participants of the ‘Korea-Canada Connection 2017’ and ‘Korea-Nordic Connection 2017’ will be carried out during PAMS 2017. On top of that, it will consist of various programs, including meetings with Korean professionals or artists, as well as seminars and performances, so as to understand the current state of Korean performance art, come up with new ideas, expand networks and find potential partners for future collaboration. In addition, we will operate the Connection Salon Seminar of Korea-Nordic Connection in October 18th at Hongik Art Center Gallery 2 to share the research of Nordic experts.

Korea-Canada Connection 2017

Co-organization : Canada Council for the Arts
# Name Organization Position Nationality
1 IrisNemani HarbourfrontCentre ChiefProgrammimgofficer Canada
1 LindaTanaka VancouverFolkMusicFestival ArtisticDirector Canada
1 ShahinSayadi PrismaticFestival ArtisticDirector Canada

Korea-Nordic Connection 2017

Co-organization : Swedish Arts Council, DanceInfo Finland, CricusInfo Finland, PAHN, Danish agency for Culture and Palaces
# Name Organization Position Nationality
1 ElinNorquist SwedishArtsCouncil InternationalCoordinator Sweden
2 JonasRobin Zebradans InternationalProducer
3 LisaSpets Zebradans ArtisticDirector
4 NiclasMalmcrona AssitejSweden Director
5 ÅdneSekkelsten Scenekunstbruket CEO Norway
6 AnneCecilieBodinLarsen IngunBjørnsgaardProsjekt producer
7 ChristinaFriis PerformingArtsHubNorway Adviser
8 기어 린달Geir Lindahl PerformingArtsHubNorway Adviser
9 LeneBangHenningsen LeneBang producer
10 SunnivaSteine JOSTRØMGRENKOMPANI ManagingDirector
11 KalleLehto RaceHorseCompany Artist&Founder Finland
12 KatarinaLindholm DanceInfoFinland Internationalaffairsmanager
13 LottaNevalainen CirkusInfoFinland Internationalaffairsmanager
14 VenlaHaanpää AssitejFinland producer
15 JorgenCarlslund ZeBUTheatrecompany ArtisticDirector Denm
※ Connection Salon Seminar : Nordic NOW - 2017. 10. 18. Wed. Hongik Art Center Gallery2 (홍익대아트센터 갤러리2) PAMS Salon link