Information Session

PAMS focuses on the Latin America this year as designated ‘Focus Area’, providing an opportunity to explore and establish strategies for enhanced cooperation and exchange in the performing arts sector with Latin America.

  • Date    16 October 11:00-13:30
  • Venue Hongik Daehangno Art Center Gallery B2 Sunken Garden

PART 1-1. Let’s Talk about Performing Arts in Latin America - Starting with Understanding of Latin American Culture
An overview of Latin America’s history and culture will broaden mutual understanding and contribute to active exchange with the region.

PART 1-2. Let’s Talk about Performing Arts in Latin America - Encounter with Latin America's Attractive Markets
Tips for practical international exchange are offered in this program through “examples of entry into and exchange with Latin America” by Korean artists and art groups attracted to the culture, art, and market charm of the region

Nationality Name of Presenter Position/Organization
Korea Pablito Jeonghoon Park Researcher of Latin America
Korea Youngo Won Director of Nottle Theater Company
Korea Kyunghee Kim Director/Stage Designer of Creative Group NONI

PART 2. Let’s Talk about Performing Arts in Latin America Ⅱ - Entry into and Exchange Strategy for Latin American Performing Arts Market This session provides network information on Latin America through the latest data on gatherings, festivals and venues through practical examples of performing arts festivals in the region and effective strategies and tips on venues and presentations.

Nationality Name of Presenter Position/Organization
Argentina Guillermo Luis Masutti Culture Ministry of Buenos Aires Head Adviser
Brazil Alaor Rosa Director of Cena Contemporanea
Mexico Mariol Arias Director of Festival Internacional de Música de Morelia
Peru Marisol Palacios Artistic Director of Festival de Artes Escénicas de LIMA