Traveling Korean Arts PLUS

Korea Arts Management Service organizes the project called Traveling Korean Art Plus.
This project is designed to make the strong foundation for the sustainable international culture & arts exchange.
KAMS focuses on building the network among the Korean Culture Centers abroad, as the key point for Hallyu(Korean Wave), and culture & Arts related organization of each countries.
This inviting program closely connected to PAMS, is composed of diverse range of program including visiting theatres and networking events.
About 20 officers of Korean Culture Center, artistic director visit PAMS this year.


Name Organization Position
Maria Darmaningsih Indonesia Dance Festival Co-founder
Christine Zhang Propel Performing Arts & Media Program Director
Par Neiburger World Music Institute Artistic Director
Heidi Kibirsky Wolf Trap Foundation for the Performing Arts Marketing Director
Sylvie SOMEN Theatre Varia General Director
Alexander Perkhulov Mos Concert Senior Administrator
David Jones Serious Director
Beàta Barda Trafó-House of Contemporary Arts Artistic director
Jhaira Rodrigues Fundacao Theatro Executive Director
Sunil Rawat Korean Cultural Center India New Delhi Manager of Performing Arts
Sangmoon Hawang Korean Cultural Center Indonesia Manager of Performing Arts
Chorong Park Korean Cultural Center China Manager of Performing Arts
Hyo Han Korean Cultural Center NY Manager of Performing Arts
Hyemee Baik Korean Cultural Center Washington D.C. Manager of Performing Arts
Jooyoung Yeon Korean Cultural Center Brussels Manager of Performing Arts
Alexander Kurmyzov Korean Cultural Center Moscow Manager of Performing Arts
Jaeyeon Park Korean Cultural Center UK Manager of Performing Arts
Jaeeun Joo Korean Cultural Center Budapest Manager of Performing Arts
Priscila Park Korean Cultural Center Brazil Sao Paulo Manager of Performing Arts